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We are a totally different type of tattoo shop.  Our goal is to build awesome relationships with our clients so we can co-create amazing works of art that people love more and more every day.  We strive to do unique tattoos that fit the body in a way that makes the body look better than before it was tattooed.  Everyone has a reason for wanting to get tattooed and we want to help create art that is more extraordinary than the client ever imagined.


I had an absolutely amazing experience with Jake, His passion and artistic abilities are beyond anything I could have hoped for. I spent so much time searching for the best possible tattoo artist I could find in Montana or in the Northwest. Jake Bertelsen is the best period! I would recommend him as not only the best tattoo artist but an even better person. If you have to wait to get a tattoo from Jake it is worth every second you have to wait, he is just that GREAT.

Bob Foley

I came across Jake's page through Facebook, and quickly, after seeing his work, decided i wanted something done by him. i was in for a surprised to realize that not only was his work beyond amazing, but that he himself, was just and all around great guy to be around. he made me feel comfortable and relaxed, to where i truly enjoyed my time with him. i could not find a better person to trust with the art that will forever be on my body and i would recommend him a 100 time over to anyone. best tattoo artist,in Montana would be an understatement! and i am honored to have his art work on my arm!

Chelsea Pershall

My experience working with Jake was nothing less than incredible. I made my appointment with him months in advance, because I knew he was the only artist who could piece together what I had in mind. I came to him with an idea, but no set idea as to what I wanted my official piece to be. Over the months we stayed in touch and he worked with me until we came up with the perfect tattoo. Not only did he exceed anything I ever imagined, but he became a friend. Jake and I spent around 40 hours together overall. In that time I got to know not only him, but his amazing family as well. Jake is an authentic talent and he truly cares about his work. He's not just in it to make money. He takes his time, he shows that he cares and he never makes you uncomfortable. A truly amazing soul, and mind. I'm blessed I got to have him as my artist, and even more blessed that I know him personally. Jake will be the first and only person I call if I decide to further my body art. A truly extraordinary experience.

Kyla Williams

I had an Epic experience creating a special tattoo with Jake! I’d been pushing around concepts in my head and was ready to collaborate with an artist that could create a detailed black and grey tattoo, but at the same time be very thoughtful and present to the emotions I wanted my piece to convey. I live in Bozeman, Montana and really wanted to find a tattoo artist that would be talented, but also open-minded in working with me at creating a spectacular piece. I wasn’t impressed with anyone’s work around Bozeman or Billings (this included at least two dozen shops). Because of my persistence and determination, I ended up spending long hours looking at artwork from many tattoo artists in the entire state of Montana! When I stumbled on Jake’s website I was impressed with his attention to detail. I instantly could tell he put a lot of time and thought into the tattoo’s he created. I immediately sent him an e-mail explaining my concept. His initial response was to send him some reference pictures and describe the emotions the pictures were conveying. So I did. Then I got an unexpected phone call from him one or two days later and he spent about an hour on the phone with me wanting to know more about my ideal tattoo, while going over every reference picture I had sent him. I was impressed immediately by his passion and enthusiasm in wanting to work with me. Jake really wanted to create this tattoo with me and assured me he’d put into it everything he had! The coolest thing happened when he sent me a follow up e-mail, before working on my sketches, asking me to send him a playlist of my favorite songs, so he could listen to them while he sketched the tattoo. He said he wanted the flow of his drawings to accompany my music; to help create a tattoo which would depict who I am. It didn’t matter that I needed to drive 5 hours north to Kalispell and miss a day from work because I felt his passion and commitment. I knew Jake would put all of his talent and effort into the tattoo. And I was right! In a single 9-hour session Jake created an amazing tattoo! I can’t describe the awesome experience in words, but if I had to choose a few I’d say; Epic, Authentic, Relaxing, Comfortable, Fun and Enlightened. I also got to meet his wife, kids, and entire family who were all so welcoming to me. What made the tattoo so Epic, wasn’t just the quality of the tattoo – but the entire process. I felt Jake worked with me from start to finish. He had a calm and confident energy to him, which definitely made the moment of getting the tattoo drawn into my skin very relaxing and even enjoyable - it never felt painful. We jammed out to all sorts of music and traded stories all day about life in general. I never felt like he was just trying to talk to make time pass or to take my mind off the pain, but instead that all our conversations were authentic and real. He’s a very inspiring artist to be around. He is such a great artist and more importantly a better person. I’ll never forget the Wolf tattoo he created for me. Every day it transcends into a more beautiful piece of art. It was a good day!

Jake Kielbus



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    I am so grateful for the gift of art. My clients help me to expand in my creativity every day… thank you all. I strive to


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