Jake Bertelsen

  • Jake Bertelsen
    November 27, 2016

I am so grateful for the gift of art. My clients help me to expand in my creativity every day… thank you all. I strive to

be the most creative that I can. I try to live my life in a way that helps my creativity grow, and when I am staying true to this I feel the most complete. I often fail to do this, but I just recommit and keep pushing on.

Every day my goal is to use myself to the fullest, and when it comes to tattooing what I need in order to use myself to the fullest is a good connection with the person and to have similar taste… otherwise I am unable to really work well with them to create the piece. I also must be able to make a connection with the piece of art that I am going to work on. Doing the layout for the piece is the most important part for me and it is an amazing part of the tattoo. This is where I get to help someone else vision come to life and it is very exciting for me. Tattooing is a wonderful form of art because people come to me with inspiration. All of the work would never be done if that person didn’t come into my life at that time, and this is what makes tattooing such a beautiful gift for me.

The actual tattooing is very simple… I just try to stay in the moment through the entire tattoo and complete every small part of the piece to the best of my ability.

Right now my vision for my tattoos is to do pieces of art that will inspire the person who wears the tattoo for the rest of their life… and I envision the person having such a strong connection to the piece that they will inspire other people who inquire about the meaning of their tattoo and get to hear the story behind it.  I want to be able to put everything that I have into every part of the tattoo, and also to be able to layout each piece in a way that flows with the body and creates synergy with the client.  The pieces that I am most willing to do right now are ones where I get to be very creative with the imagery and design and incorporate some of my twist on Japanese flow along with some advanced realistic areas.

My studio is not a typical tattoo studio. There are no walk ins and I try to only do tattoos that I feel like I am uniquely suited to do. Please don’t mistake this for me being arrogant, its just me trying to be honest and admitting that I am not the best person for every tattoo.  I am not perfect, I have flaws… I am able to create my best work when my client understands this and works with me to understand my strong points and bring them out.

If you have an inspiring idea for a tattoo and you are willing to trust me with some artistic freedom to create something to the best of my ability… and you are willing to allow me to put everything I have into every part of the piece with you… please send me a message through my contact page.